In this subject, we look at where we are, individually, in our minds and mood. Timeout is an opportunity to get a break from our everyday life, to relax – to exist without any expectations or goals in mind right now.

In the classes we forget about cellphones and concentrate on the NOW.

It’s about youas a person and about relationship with other people. It’s about questions and not so much about answers. It’s about listening and seeing without judging and defining what we experience. Accepting ourselves and each other is the kayword for us in theese classes.

Every class starts and ends in the same way – we will sit for a few minutes and calm down before we start and before we finish the class. We are going to talk about different topics that involve being a human, writing down thoughts, going for a walk with a special theme in mind, a bit of yoga, meditation etc.

We will all be a part of creating the content of the classes, so look forward to a class that is largely generated by what you submit, and not just what a teacher lectures.