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Theoretical classes

The theoretical classes are primarily of theoretical and general form, in which you are presented and included in processes.

Scroll down and read about the different subjects.

Some classes can change, as new classes are added all the time, and others are changed or closed down.
You choose your subjects at the college once you have started at the college, and we are there to advise you.

About life

In the subject "About life", we start from ourselves!

We talk about the big questions of life - death, love, prejudice and evil are just examples of some of the topics we focus on.

We talk about the things that we don't necessarily get to talk about on a daily basis, because it can be difficult.

You gain knowledge and become wiser about other people's opinions and through this maybe also more clarified about what you think yourself.

At least you get more arguments.

It is mostly a conversational subject, with focus on taking a stand and personal development.

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Today communication is a keyword – everything has a story/a brand: companies tanging from small local breweries to B&O, clubs like VHK and Brøndby, people like you and me.

In Communication we go crazy telling good stories – we find them in our own lives from experiences, family, school and travels, we find them in movies and from TV, from Gladiator to Friends, we find them in literature and comics, in crazy comedy from Monty Python to Jan Gintberg and at last but not least we improvise and make the stories ourself.

We work with the art of finding and telling the good story – and about the technique, structure, voice and body language – we use the motto: you can always lie a good story deeper and more true.

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How to handle your home

In the subject "How to handle your home", we have collected all possible situations that you can experience when you move away from home.

We take a look at things that you don't think can be useful while you live safely and comfortably at home with your mum and dad.

These are quite common things like:
• how do you make a budget and get your finances under control?
• how do you hang a lamp, drill a hole in the wall?
• how to fix the water trap, clean a drain or change a gasket?
• how to patch a bicycle and other small repairs on the bicycle?
• or things like how to write a good speech or make the best sauce?

We will pack the toolbox and reflect on what we haven't learned from mum and dad, and what we think is important for parents to teach their children?

The list is long, and very relevant!
Especially for those of you who are about to move away from home, or who just want to be able to manage things yourself.
There are almost no limits to the topics we come up with...

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  • What does it mean to be free?

  • What is a “self”?

  • Why is it frustrating to have many choices?

  • What is love?

In Philosophy we will read some short Philosophical texts about topics that affect us all to become wiser on ourselves and each other. We will not read texts in order to clarify their content, but to become wiser on a subject or cencept that we know and use, but maybe we haven’t thought about the real meaning before. What does forgiveness really mean? and the good truth and responsibility?

We will be a bit wiser in theese classes.

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