College in Denmark

An experience of a lifetime

The Academy of Physical Education in Viborg offers you an experience of a lifetime
(in Danish “Viborg Idrætshøjskole” and short: Viborg IH).

A stay here is difficult to put into words – it is a feeling. However, we will attempt to explain as much about the school as we can. But it will most likely exceed your expectations.

College student in Denmark

You can become a student at Viborg IH, if:

  • you love sports and physical activity - there is room for everyone, beginners as well as experienced
  • you are more than 18 years old when the course begins
  • you can speak and understand English – the classes will take place in Danish and English, but English is a second language for all
  • you will be challenged and develope yourself both personally and professionally

The school offers a special atmosphere. We are a small academy with 120-180 students. All students live at the academy, and we have courses in both Fall and Spring.

We have a number of scholarships for international students which are not EU or Nordic citizens.

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At Viborg IH we offer a wide array of subjects divided into the following categories:


Every year in August we start International Courses - follow the procedure below if you would like to apply for a stay here!

  • Fill in the application form no later than March 1st
  • You will receive an automatic e-mail from Viborg IH with documents to fill in and return
  • You receive payment information about your stay 
  • You must pay for your stay at Viborg IH
  • The school will begin the visa application process (if you come from a country where a Residence Permit is needed)
  • You must complete your part of the visa application process (if you come from a country where a Residence Permit is needed)
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All students travel for a week!

In September all the students travel to southern France.
The week in southern France will offer lots of great physical experiences, cultural features, and perhaps most importantly: a lot of “social shake-together-time”.

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