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Practical Classes

The practical classes are pratical or creative subjects such as crafts, where you get a break from all the sports.

On days where the subject is late in the day, you will have the opportunity to continue the practical process in your own time. 

Scroll down and read about the practical subjects below.

Some classes can change, as new classes are added all the time, and others are changed, or closed down.
You choose your subjects at school you have started, and we are there to advise you.

Beer Brewing

Learn to brew your own beer, visit a microbrewery, and impress your friends with geeky beer facts!

Would you like to learn how to brew your own beer?
In the subject "Beer brewing", we delve into a century-old culture.

In the course we look at the history and culture behind beer brewing.

We visit a microbrewery and hear about why special beer has become so popular, and you learn how to brew your own beer - from choosing beer ingredients such as malt and hops, to mashing, herbal boiling, fermentation, and finally bottling the beer.

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Board Games

Our goals with card and board games are:

- to provide you with insights and perhaps expand your knowledge of different games.

- to create a space for presence, conversation, and social interaction based on current and relevant games, highlighting different experiences such as; winning mentality, presence, joy, frustration, tactics, cheating, and relating it to everyday situations.

You will get the opportunity to play a lot and learn the rules of current games.
There are many hidden treasures in playing board/card games; togetherness, tactics and strategy, logical thinking as well as teamwork, diplomacy, and social skills.

Ceramics & Pottery

In this class we will work with clay and learn various basic techniques.
Once you learn, you can create, play, and sculpt your lump of clay into almost anything – because when playing with clay there are countless possibilities.

Students typically make things such as bowls, cups, and vases, but only your imagination sets the limit.

The students are involved in the entire process – from forming the lump of clay and experimenting with paint to seeing the finished product with its very own distinctive design.

Who knows - maybe there is a hidden potter within you!

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Good “everyday food” for little money is a workshop where we prepare classic Danish and foreign meals as well as exciting side dishes.

We prepare the food from scratch and learn the most common cooking methods. We consider economics and health, while also spending time learning how to recycle residues to avoid a huge food waste.

In short – learn to become a better cook!

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Construction and Creation - put together - is the headline of this class.

In this class we try to think creatively in terms of using different materials – and so, we create and construct.

The starting point is to find cheap available materials that we can use to manufacture our own creations. It may be old soda cans, drift timber, or items from the recycling shop that you can transform or recreate into something new and useful. A popular material that we often use is concrete. You can, for example, transform a leg from an old chair and a sauce bowl into a lamp. 

You must cover the expenses that you incur when purchasing materials, fabrics, paint, furniture, and other items that are used for your projects.

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In Crochet we will work with everything from simple crochet projects to more complicated patterns.

We will develop our repetoire of different types of masks – from basic chain masks, whole and half bar masks to mussel and waffle patterns. 

Everyone can participate – both beginners and practitioners. Potholders, baby clothes, purses and bags, ponchos, teddy bears, and dishcloths are just some ideas – it’s only the imagination that sets the limits.

You must pay the costs for materials yourself.

Guitar for Beginners

We start by learning the most basic chords on the guitar.
Then we slowly work our way forward.

The repertoire ranges from children songs to different rhythmic songs – and of course we are singing too! The school owns a number of guitars you can borrow.

At the end of term we will play a couple of songs for the other students.


Knife Workshop

Make your own personal knife!

It is not every day that you have the opportunity to make your own knife - but it is possible here…

You will make your own personal shaft that fits exactly into your hand.
You will also sew your own sheath for the knife. We cheat a little when it comes to the blade. Either we recycle an old blade or we buy a new one as we simply do not have time to make both blade, shaft and sheath.

You will get your very own personal knife and if you take good care of it, you will have it for the rest of your life!

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In the subject "Knitting", we will take a look at both simple and more advanced knitting techniques and recipes.

We will make a lot of different things such as dishcloths, socks, hats, bags, and sweaters.
We will work with colors and patterns.
We will be creative while having conversations over a cup of tea or coffee.
Everyone can choose this subject - both beginners and experienced knitters.

Maybe you have to learn how to cast on stitches, knit and purl, make increases and decreases, or something completely different.
The most important thing is a good deal of patience and the desire to immerse oneself in the craft.

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Earn some street cred by having your own personal longboard
– that you have even made yourself.

In this class you will create your own personal longboard, showing who you are, your design choices and your skills as a craftsman… and the result will give you a board with the opportunity to cruise and make tricks.

You must pay for the materials yourself.

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Outdoor Living

Outdoor living is:

- cooking on an open fire – high-level gastronomy as well as creative cooking methods
- making a bivuak which is warm enough to spend the night in
- making an “outdoor” sauna – so we can swim in the lake and get warm in the sauna afterwards
- making a rice boat and sail on the lake

It’s all about using the nature and enjoying being in it.

There will be a small self-payment.

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Piano for Beginners

Piano for beginners is for people who want to learn playing chords on the piano. We start from scratch, so you don't need any prior experience or the ability to read sheet music.

Throughout the course, we may look into sheet music, but our main focus will be on mastering chords and learning to incorporate both hands. 

The goal is to be able to accompany yourself and others while singing in groups. 

Ukulele for Beginners

We offer ukulele for beginners, where you learn the basics and to play together in a group setting.

The ukulele is a small but quite fun and interesting instrument.

The ukulele is a great beginner's instrument, as the chords are relatively easy to learn, allowing you to swiftly begin playing songs. In addition, the instrument is small and convenient to carry around. 

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Utility Garden

Discover the joy of gardening!

In this course we will explore a more sustainable and eco-friendly way to approach the future, touching topics such as permaculture, wildlife, native plants, and much more.

Practically, we will establish small green oases around the school where students can plant trees, bushes, and herbs as well as build birdhouses, insect hotels, watering holes, etc. 

We will embrace nature's food pantry and learn preservation techniques such as pickling, drying, and juicing. 

Visual Communication

In this class we will discover how to take the perfect Instagram picture, how to tell a story, and how to communicate a mood through visuals.

We balance the technical with aesthetics, so by a given topic, there must be focus on perspectives, angles, lighting, editing, etc.

This way you can make the most of the photos you take, optimize your editing skills, and elevate your visual storytelling abilities.

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