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An experience for life

Do you want to develop professional and personally?

The Academy of Physical Education in Viborg, (in Danish “Viborg Idrætshøjskole” and short: Viborg IH) offers you an experience for life.

A stay here is hard to explain – it is a feeling. Here we will anyway try to explain as much about the school, as we can. But it will exceed your expectations.

You can become a student at Viborg IH, if:

- you love sport and physical activity (you don’t have to be good at any sport, or have been very physical active)
- you are more than 18 years old
- you can speak and understand English – the classes will take place in Danish and English, but English is second language to all
- you will be challenged and develope yourself both personally and professionally

The school offers a special atmosphere. We are a small academy with 80-120 students. All students live at the academy, and we have courses both fall and spring.

We have a number of scholarships for international students which are not EU or Nordic citizens.

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