Henrique Daimond

Well, first of all, I miss my time at Viborg Idrætshøjskole!
It was a lifetime experience, and it’s going to be a pleasure to be an ambassador and encourage new students to apply for the school!

I studied in the Spring 2012 and I had a great time with other people that turned into close friends!
The stay in Viborg challenged me to live abroad, far from my comfort zone and think about a lot of stuff, like my life, my future and also the way we face the problems and constant searching for solutions.

After my course, I came back to Brazil and finished my degree in Physical Education at UNICAMP.
Since that I startet to work with sports management – especially with soccer/football in a Brazilian Confederation – at the educational department, developing courses and workshops for different professionals in the soccer area.

Now I just was hired in Clube Atlético Mineiro, where I am working as a Logistics Coordinator, taking care of all teams of the club (U13 to professionals) in the competitions and games.

If you would like to hear about the school, from someone who has been there, you can contact me here:

E-mail to Henrique

Phone: +55 11 93100 9258