OCR stands for Obstacle Course Racing, and is a term for military-inspired obstacles.
The sport is relatively new and first time an official world championship was held in OCR, was in 2014.

OCR is a developing sport in Denmark, and each year the number of runners and participants increases explosively.
The Danes are finding out that everyone can run a half-marathon or marathon, and it’s not enough antymore.
They want more challenge!

OCR provides a perfect variation of challenge for fitness, stamina and strength.
You can not just turn your mind off and run – you have to focus on the next challenge all the time, dispense your resources, and manage the obstacles smartly, to save the energy.

In the OCR classes we work with a lot of the challenges and obstacles that you can meet in an OCR race.
We run, crawl, climb, lift, pull and jump – all to make you faster and stronger – while we’re having fun.
In the subject we make both our own obstacle course and practice different individual elements.