Rough’n tough

Do you have the courage to challenge yourself? – then you should choose Rough’n tough.
You will experience tough, versatile and challenging training that you have never tried it before!

We will work with free weights and weightlifting technique. The training can also be done with kettelbell (iron balls), sand bags, skipping ropes, medicine balls and other interesting items, such as tractor tires and logs. It is only the imagination that sets the limits for the training, and it can take place both inside and outside.

A new social and fun way of training

There is no doubt that you will sweat a lot and your T-shirt can be twisted when you’re done with Rough’n tough! When you’re working with high intensity you achieve a high power compared to muscle building, cardiovascular and fat burning.

Rough’n tough is based on the functional movement. You learn the correct posture, lifting techniques, walking, running, drag and all other relevant movements used in everyday life.

Mobility and stability will also be some of our focus points, as they are fundamental basis.