Rhythmic gymnastics

Do you want to:

  • develop you as gymnast?
  • work with your individual expression?
  • get personal feedback
  • get gymnastic skills?
  • learn about Danish gymnastic culture?

Rhythmic gymnastics and performance – who can participate?

In Rhythmical Gymnastics, we give you the opportunity to develop as a gymnast. There is room for you who have high ambitions and you who are new to gymnastics and dance.

What are the contents of Rhythmical gymnastics

  • traning together with Gym College and Gym-team Viborg
  • performances with Gym College and Gym-team Viborg
  • 5 – 8 shows
  • participation in workshops

I’ve never had more confidence as a gymnast as after my six months on GIV. I dare to stand, and I’ve got the desire to surprise, provoke and express myself in new ways. I see no limits, only opportunities. It is also to see in my performance – I dare!

Former student