Beachvolley and volleyball

Beachvolley and volleyball is a lifestyle…
It isn´t a laid-back lifestyle but an active, hard-working, sweat-producing job – you can count on that – and you will be both challenged and dirty.

We will be out in the sand or indoor, where the play with the ball will be the central part. We will play many matches in different ballgames and we will get good at winning.

The classes are based on what you can in advance.
If you are good, you will be even better, and if you do not have much experience, we teach you how a good match in the sand is put together.

The technical element of beachvolley will be prioritized, so you are always able to control the ball no matter how much your opponents challenge you.

To play the ball, you both need force and speed, so we have to work with these elements of the beachvolley.