If you love to feel the adrenaline pumping, the blood taste in the mouth and the sweat dripping from your face? And do you have the courage to move your limits together with other young peoble?

At GIV we guarantee that you can not fail to grow – both personally and physically. Here you will find the motivation when you exercise with others and feel a personal satisfaction in achieving your goals!

Cycling, running, weight training and outdoor life

Adventure is primarily an outdoor subject where you get to know several sports.

Along the way you, among other things, try O-running, canoeing, inline skating, kayak, rock climbing and MTB.

In the adventure, you learn to master the various disciplines, so you get the skills to participate in adventure races. The personal development is in focus – all in a cool community and a safe environment.

Welcome to a wild race in nature where you use yourself fully!