Federico Villagra

My name is Federico Ezequiel Villagra.
I’m 24 years old and I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I study English at National University of San Martin and I also study to become a physical education teacher at Instituto Superior de Educación Física Nº1 “Dr. Enrique Romero Brest”.

I have both a summer job in a summer camp as a physical education teacher and a job in a kindergarten as a physical education teacher as well.
In addition, I also give private English lessons.

I was a student at Viborg Idrætshøjskole in August, 2019 and I took the Autumn Course. I can assure you that being there, and especially as an international student, was the most incredible experience of my entire life.
This place has filled me up with a huge amount of energy and it also has encouraged me to achieve my goals, to face my fears and to dream bigger. Besides, it has given me lots of good friends and a best friend as well.

If you have inquiries or you would simply like to know more about it or my experience, please contact me – I will be glad to help you out.


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